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Working Memory

This video provides some real insight into the way our brains retain and process information. It is particularly interesting to apply these ideas to the way we approach VCE and the exams.

As yourself the question: what can I do to ensure what I hear this year stays in my working memory for the exam?

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12 Angry Memes

This is what I do during SACs…

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12 Angry Status Updates

You have been assigned a character from Twelve Angry Men.

  1. Pick 12 events from the play that you think your character would be most interested in or impacted by.
  2. Consider carefully how they would feel and what they would think about each of these 12 events.
  3. Write Facebook style status updates that convey their thoughts and feelings concisely.
  4. Use Fakebook to create a profile for you character, include your 12 Angry Status Updates and embellish with relationships, likes and images.
  5. Once you have finished, save your Fakebook and post the link to your page in the comments of this post!
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Here is an excerpt from an excellent TED talk by game designer Jane Mcgonigal. In it she discusses four types of resilience that we can strengthen to enable us to deal with life’s challenges more effectively, to live a life with fewer regrets and to live a scientifically proven 10 years longer.

Click this link for the excerpt: (8:45)

Or watch the full version below:



The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs

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Year 12 Issues Oral Nomination Board

You will need to add your proposed issue for the oral presentaion on the nomination board.

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John Cleese on Creativity

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