Using ICT in English

14 Jun

Whetting Our Appetites

Today we will look at some of the tools that are available for students to use when studying English.

The first tool we will look at is great for collaborative writing and note-taking. To demonstrate it’s effectiveness we will be keeping this afternoon’s minutes.

Please visit the following link to access the minutes:

Firstly, I’d like you to answer some quick questions (Click on the questions to answer them):

Do you sometimes struggle to get all of the kids to offer a response in class?

Have you ever wanted to survey the class to assess how many feel confident, anonymously, so as to get genuine responses?  (e.g. honestly, have you read the book…)

What is your favorite novel?

Who do you think Jackson’s favorite poet is?

Now take a moment to think about this polling website and discuss possible applications for one of your classes.

Once you have discussed potential uses in the classroom, please add your suggestions to this noticeboard:

Gavin will type the suggestions in to the minutes to summarise our discussion thus far.

Now, how might we use in class?

Belinda can record our discussion in the minutes

Here is another tool I used to do a similar thing (it’s clickable…) :

What is the point of all this so far?

Shannon may take over the minutes…

You can download the following document: ICT in English. This is a detailed breakdown of the ACARA standard skills for ICT use in English. (I wrote it, not ACARA…hopefully that means it’s less dense).

I’ve then examined some of the tools that can help students use ICT for each of these skills, some of which we have already played with.

What next?

I think the biggest potential that ICT has for English is in the communicative products that the kids create (i.e. the stuff the kids write, make and say).

  1. Please take a moment to look at the curriculum grid for term 3 for one of the year levels you are involved in;
  2. Look at the tasks that kids are currently working on in term three;
  3. Ask yourself do ‘any of these tasks encourage kids to use ICT’?
  4. If not, pick a task that might lend itself to using ICT. Consider what the goals of that task are, and if they would not be hindered by the use of ICT, suggest a way the task might be ‘updated’.
  5. If there are plenty of tasks that encourage the use of ICT, ask yourself how well they offer kids the opportunity to develop skills in the way they ‘investigate, create and communicate.’ How could one of the tasks be improved?

For example, if students are asked to present an oral presentation, what is the key thing being assessed? Is it the quality of their research? Does it matter if it is presented at the front of the class? If not, consider allowing kids to video their presentaion as a news bulletin or documentary, or record it as a podcast or radio show. This way they will still be able to be assessed for the initial criteria, the quality of their research and the clarity of their presentation, but they will also create a richer variety of communicative products. It also allows them a greater sense of choice in how they present their information…how PoLTy….

Bonus Points

Using the list of programs and websites from the ICT in English document, or by relying on a well aimed Google search, identify one tool that you might use for this updated task.


Creating our own communicative product. Using the Flip cameras (available from the library) please record a brief summary of:

  1. One thing you have found useful; and
  2. One thing you would like to explore further and why.

(We will give these to our beloved team leader as a little gift!)

If you have any questions about today’s session, please leave a comment in reply to this post.



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