Who am I?

26 May

In answering this question thoroughly we need to take some time to really think about who we are and why the labels we choose are important to us.

I can say that I’m a Teacher, Husband, Christian, Small Business Owner, Man, or Show-off…but why are each of those things important to me?

I’ve been blogging since 2007 – essentially writing all sorts of things that I find interesting. The funny thing is, though, that I start up a new blog everytime I have something to say that is about a different facet of my personality. As a result I’ve ended up with 5 different blogs, but they all have ME in common.

I started exploring my own faith when I converted to Christianity at:
I started a ‘personal’ blog containing miscellany at:
I started a blog about being a teacher at:
I started a blog to promote my business at:
I started a blog exploring my relationship with my deceased father through his record collection at:

Each of these blogs have me writing about my own identity or sense of belonging in some way. If you choose to read any of them, remember that no single one thing I wrote is the complete me, but I wouldn’t be me without what I wrote.

Please tell us all who YOU are in the comments section to this post.

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